Custom Theme Tune for your YouTube Channel or Podcast

Add that special professional touch to your YouTube channel or Podcast with an original, bespoke theme tune or jingle. Anything from a short sound or few words at the start of your video, to a full theme tune with lyrics for your podcast can take your project to the next level and make it more memorable to your audience. I will work with you to bring your ideas to life using live and software instruments,  vocals and sound effects. 

As well as the main theme I can also provide:

- Instrumental version without lyrics - this could potentially be used as an outro

Shorter version - maybe for shorter videos or between sections

Single hits taken from the track - to punctuate different sections

A loop of the music lasting as long as you want - for background music

Send me an email and we can discuss your needs for your individual project.

All budgets catered for.
Just send me a message and I will happily chat with you about it.

Some instrument ideas for you:

Ukulele - Acoustic Guitar - Electric Guitar - Drums - Bongos - Synthesisers 

Singing Male/Female - Speaking - Robot Voice - Choir

Trumpet - Trombone - Brass/Big Band Arrangement

String Quartet - Solo Cello - Orchestral Arrangement

Bass Guitar - Slap Bass - Synth Bass - Pumping Club Music

To the right (or below if you're on the mobile site) are some examples of theme tunes and sound tracks I have done recently >

Send me an Email and we can create something just for you!

Beer Pizza and a Movie - Podcast Theme Tune
Beyond the Boxed Set - Podcast Theme Tune

TikTok Tv - This is an original theme tune for a children's YouTube Channel. The client wanted something poppy and bouncy that was very short.

Beer Pizza and a Movie - This is a film review podcast. The client wanted an orchestral theme tune using some film music cliches. I drew inspiration from Thunderbirds, James bond and John Williams.

Beyond the Boxed Set - A Podcast theme tune. This podcast pitches prequels and sequels to films that don't yet have one. They wanted something punky that would make you sit up and listen. Featuring live guitars, drums and vocals, it starts and finishes at full pelt.

Strat Stuff - This was written as some music for a
life-vlog on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Listen Here

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